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Staff Management

Simple, Affordable & Effective

What you can Expect

Employee Management

  • Simplify & Streamline your everyday HR Activities.
  • Complete scheduling and tracking of probationary, performance and salary reviews.
  • Easily plan and record Employee Training Activities.
  • Specifically designed for SME’s.

Document Management

  • We can provide you with HR Templates, policies and processes.
  • Modern Awards, National Employment Standards and Agreements.
  • Easy Record keeping and File Management.
  • Never miss critical information.
  • Save time and minimise your risk.

Why Choose Us

The Law Comes First

All Employers have a legal obligation and relationship with their employees, and whilst we can encounter resistance to our advice, the fact remains that they are doing your business a disservice by ignoring our recommendations.

Honest Communication

We provide an honest appraisal of your current practices, and whilst at times what we have to say might not be what you want to hear, we will not pull any punches when advising you where your legal obligations are falling short.

Committed to Excellence

We pride ourselves in the fact that we are Professionals in our field, backed by over 30 years experience in Management, Business Development, Sales Management and Marketing.